Why take an algae-based supplement?

The use of algae is necessary because seawater contains all the one hundred elements which make up our universe dissolved into practically constant percentages and the cells in our organism can only live in extra-cellullar liquid, so if only one element is missing, all enzymatic functions and vital reactions linked to them are obstructed, slowed down or deviated. We are well aware how important it is to guarantee the organism all the mineral salts and trace elements it requires. Mineral salts and trace elements which contribute to the composition of the enzymes which regulate all the chemical cellular reactions, are very highly concentrated in algae. A greater consumption of algae is to be welcomed but their strong flavour seriously hinders their widespread use. Capsules are better because they provide constancy and regularity and do not compromise taste and dietary habits.

Algae contrast the effects of stress and ageing, overcoming deficiencies and reinforcing our defences. They have an antioxidant function and they counter the activity of free radicals. They purify with respect to toxic substances both endogenous (urates, oxalates, biliary salts, etc.,) and exogenous - (intoxication due to radioactive ions, heavy metals xenobiotic chemical substances (dietary and polluting additives, environmental pollutants, synthesized medicinal drugs, toxicosis derived from work, or non indispensable activity, etc.,).They are recommended for pregnant women, for prophylaxis of bone and dental demineralisation but also all the elements which are necessary for the growth of the foetus.

Specific properties : algae have a depurative role, thanks to alginic acid (found in mucilage which acts as connective tissue in the plant) with respect to endogenous toxic substances(catabolites produced by metabolism) and exogenous, like like HEAVY METALS, RADIOACTIVE SUBSTANCES and POLLUTING SUBSTANCES. Alginic acidin contact with water, forms a gel whose viscosity depends on the concentration of colloids, pH and electrolytes. This takes place also in the stomach and the intestine: sodium alginate produces a dense colloidal which protects the gastro-intestinal mucus since the digestive enzymes are not able to break it up. It is for this reason that it is recommended not only for esophagitis, gastritis and gastro-duodenal ulcer but also ileitis, in colitis, intestinal ulcer and constipation(it favours intestinal transit).

DOSAGE : 2 to 3 capsules after meals.

Wakame Kombu Dulse Nori



  • Intestinal regularity
  • Flat stomach
  • Energy, tone and vitality
Curative action

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