Curative action

Treats and cures:
-> Cardiovascular system: normalising arterial pressure, algae are recommended in cases of hypertension and hypotension; (Vitamin F induces normalisation of PGE1 and therefore has anti-platelet aggregation, anti-thrombosis and hypocholesteremic properties, and brings about normalisation of hormone production; hypolipidemic action);

-> Gastroenteric system: difficult or slow digestion; pyrosis; difficulties with protein absorption; intestinal fermentation; constipation; cancer of the esophagus, stomach and intestines;

-> Sexual system: frigidity (algae stimulate sexual energy and regulate menstruation); sterility; post-menopause (hormonal modulation); andropause; impotency; premenstrual syndrome (Vitamin F is made up of polyunsaturated fatty acids which are hormonal precursors;

-> Skin and adnexa: acne, dry or rough skin, excessive desquamation, eczema; pyrosis; algae facilitate repairing processes and epidermic cell renewal; they reduce damage caused by prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays; dandruff (they thicken hair, make it shiny and elastic and counter the whitening of the hair); ulcers, sores, rhagades of every type (they favour cicatrisation and cell regeneration); cancer;

-> Pulmonary illnesses: : chronic and recurring infections; rhinopharyngitis; bronchitis, especially chronic bronchitis; allergic rhinitis; asthma;

-> Systemic and degenerative illnesses: asthenia, weakness, stress, loss of organic strength (overall tonifying action); demineralisation (recommended during preganancy); anaemia, pallour; early ageing; obesity, cellulitis (hypocholesteremic and hypolipidemic action); water retention; hyper and hypo-glycemia (they tend to normalise sugar levels); cephalea; cancer; degenerative illnesses (alzheimer's; progressive paralysis, etc.,); sclerosis in general and at single organ level; arteriosclerosis;

-> Pyschic: amnesia, mental confusion; anxiety-depressive syndrome, depression, neurasthenia, psychic stress (irritability, insomnia, indecision, insecurity, fear, panic, sadness, etc.,);

-> Skeleton: bone demineralisation, osteoporis; dental demineralisation and tooth decay; arthritis, arthrosis; articular pain; rachialgia;

-> Immune system: infection in general; algae reinforce defences in that they have an antibacterial, antibiotic, antioxidant, antiviral, fungicide action; recommended especially in urinary infections and recurring tonsillitis; allergies (hives, rhinitis, asthma, dietary intolerance, etc.,)

-> Thyroid: goitre, they have a normalising effect so are recommended for thyroidism, myxedema but also thyroidism;

->Toxicosis from all types of pollution (industrial, especially heavy metals, agricultural, radioactive - especially from radioactive ions - work-derived toxicosis and pharmacological, etc.,).

Wakame Kombu Dulse Nori



  • Intestinal regularity
  • Flat stomach
  • Energy, tone and vitality
Curative action

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